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Private mortgage lenders in Windsor are ready to help you achieve your financial dreams. Whether it is a first or second mortgage, a HELOC or otherwise, call BSM Mortgages today and we can help you get the right private mortgage.

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    A first mortgage is your first loan taken out on your home or property. By immediately beginning to pay off your mortgage the money will go into your home, raising its value substantially over time. This is how your property will gain and retain its value and begin to pay you back over time. Once you have completed your first mortgage your home’s value will be substantially higher than when initially purchased.

    A second mortgage is a loan you take out after your first mortgage. Be prepared for different rates and fees, as well as simultaneously paying off both at the same time. A second mortgage is a great idea, but make sure you speak with a licensed and trained professional at BSM before moving forward to make sure it is the best fit for you and your family.

    A home equity line of credit, otherwise known as a HELOC, can be useful if you are looking to borrow, repay and potentially borrow again under the same amount. Unlike a one-time loan, an equity based line of credit works as a credit card of sorts, allowing you to borrow up to the agreed upon amount, yet when you pay it back, those funds become available to you again, allowing you to repeat the process if need be.

    Private Lenders for Bad Credit

    Credit score is always a determining factor when it comes to your bad credit loan or mortgage opportunities. Even though it may be harder than normal bad credit mortgages and loans are available in Windsor, and working with the right private broker or lending company can be the difference between paying more than you should or saving thousands down the line.

    Let us say you are looking to pay off your medical bills or student loans, you may be interested in borrowing money from a private lender. Although, if you have bad credit it may dissuade you from attempting to qualify. Here at BSM we understand everyone has had their own financial struggles in life and even with bad credit we are ready to help you take the next step in achieving your financial goals.

    Higher credit scores may in turn create lower interest rates on your private loans in Windsor, but this should not stop you from trying if your credit score is low. Bad credit loans may be unsecured, and are usually given in one sum as opposed to monthly pieces. It is also vital to remember, once you apply, you and your agent will sit down and create a timely and proper approach to making your payments, thus ensuring no slip ups or the risk of not being able to pay off your loan fully. It is also important to know where bad credit may come from.

    Bad credit can exist and be created through multiple avenues, some of which include:

    • Defaulted Loans
    • Maxing your credit limits
    • Skipped monthly payments

    For more information, speak with a licensed and trained agent today.

    Finding the Right High-Risk Mortgage Lender in Windsor

    There are many private lenders in Windsor, but the question is which is most suitable for your situation and can provide you the best quality mortgage. Ideally you want to work with someone who has a strong knowledge of your neighborhood and surrounding areas. When it comes to this specific area, our BSM agents have access to private lenders in Windsor ready to serve you. We assist you in finding the right one with the best interest rates, and help in understanding your unique situation, and formulating a monthly payment plan which fits the criteria of your monetary status.There are a few different types of private lenders in Windsor, but a high-risk lender may be useful if you have a checkered financial past or trying to improve a low credit score. Unlike the major Canadian banks, here at BSM Mortgages, we understand even if you may be labeled as ‘high risk’ that does not mean you are unable to make monthly payments on a loan or mortgage. When borrowing money, it is important to set up a proper payment plan and structure your finances so they can work for you and not against you.

    Equity Mortgage Lenders

    Equity is assessed through home appraisal. Home appraisal is one of the key factors in obtaining your loan or mortgage. Working with a private lender who knows your area is the most important factor to a positive home appraisal which in turn can create the most financial availability for your loan.

    For example, if you work with someone who does not know your area, they may not properly asses the other homes in the neighborhood and will not have a firm understanding on the value of property’s in your location. This can in turn create higher interest fees for your loan, line of credit or first or second mortgage.

    With a private lender who knows the area, you are bound to get better rates and lower fees, if you’ve worked hard to build a home in a decent neighborhood. Using your property as security, a home equity loan may be useful to your situation. As long as your property does not have substantial existing debt connected to it, it may prove to be valuable and give you more financial freedom than you thought. Our agents at BSM Mortgages have access to private mortgage lenders in Windsor and can guide you through the process of obtaining a home equity loan and other private lender services.

    Although you have to keep penalties in mind, there is always the option on an open mortgage, which can be flexible towards your monthly costs. In essence, an open mortgage may be useful because it does not incur penalties or extra additional costs if things change over time and the parameters of your agreement and contract need to be updated or changed. These are just a few options you may be able to consider once you’ve spoken to the right equity based private lending agent. Don’t hesitate, there could be more opportunities for you than initially imagined.

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