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    Our experts will provide you a second mortgage in Ontario even with bad credit. Where Canadian banks approve on credit, we approve on equity. An overview of what our service covers can be found below, or you can just give us a call right away on our number below.

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    By acquiring quotes from several private mortgage lenders in Ontario, we can provide you the best deal. They will enable us to get you the best possible solution and our specialists will guide you through the entire process, approving you in 48 hours.


Second Mortgages in Canada made easy!

You worked hard to buy your home, now let our private mortgage lenders show you how it can work hard for you by getting a 2nd mortgage.
Barrie Second Mortgage not only offers personalized service when it comes to private lending and second mortgages, but also Home Equity Line of Credit, Bad Credit Loans and Home Equity Visa. Imagine having that money in your pocket, almost instantaneously!


Second Mortgage Ontario

A 2nd mortgage is a financial loan that is securitized against your property. It is a great opportunity for a homeowner to access funds they may have not known existed through their property’s equity and value! The more equity you have on this house or property, the more we can do for you.

Also, we work strictly with Equity.

Equity on your owned property is simply the value of what you own on the property. If you own your home, we as private mortgage lenders in Ontario, would be happy to approve you for a 2nd mortgage regardless of your credit score.

Drowning in debt is never fun. In today’s economy home ownership has become increasingly difficult. As a homeowner your property may be worth more than you think! Perhaps you are looking to pay off debt, or perhaps you need a quick loan to finish your brand-new pool. Whatever it may be, A second mortgage will allow you to make your dreams a possibility.

Here at BSM, in just a few short steps, we can have your equity working for you!

For any number of reasons, not all homeowners qualify for a mortgage when dealing with the Canadian banks. Usually, the banks will not deal with anyone who has bad credit, leading to extremely high rates and an overall negative experience.

Bad credit means nothing to us. If your home has equity, we will do everything in our power to get you that line of credit or 2nd mortgage.

Most mortgage brokers in Barrie can help you with a 2nd mortgage, yet not all of them take the personal approach we provide nor make absolutely sure you get the best possible deal.

We take great pride in servicing the Greater Simcoe region for many years. Looking for a private lender in Ontario or unsure if the banks will deny you based on bad credit? Or perhaps, you want to take out that 2nd mortgage and live the stress-free life you’ve always wanted.

Come talk to one of our agents today and get started right away.

Your home has value, why not use that value to further your financial freedoms and accomplish everything you want, from paying off your child’s education to renovating your kitchen, BSM is here for you and ready to offer you the best rates and fees available!

You’ve worked hard to buy your home and over the years it has become your pride and joy. When you speak to us, we acknowledge that and offer personalized service beyond what you would receive at the banks or other Canadian Private lenders. So, how does this lending work when applying for a second or private mortgage with BSM?

When you step into a Canadian Bank and are looking for a mortgage of any kind, you are immediately subject to intense and extensive questioning which include the dreaded “stress tests” and full financial disclosure of your income and monetary history, including the use of TDS (Total Debt Service) and GDS (Gross Debt Service) ratios when calculating and trying to assess your total worth.

A Barrie Mortgage Broker would be able to provide you with information regarding your first mortgage, when you are in need of a loan, BSM is who you should call.

Usually when applying for a 2nd mortgage, lenders will look at your income and credit score, this isn't important to us. We understand life isn’t always easy, so let us help you out.

When you work with us, our agents will be quick to inform you we do not use the same financial structures as the major banks, we do not study your line of credit or your financial history, we focus solely on your home and the equity we can create from your owned property.

Over the recent years, more and more Canadian property owners have been turning to Private lenders for financial assistance. As the Federal laws and Canadian banks tighten their regulations, it is becoming harder and harder to obtain the financial flexibility you desire, without the stress and pitfalls of an extremely high rate.

BSM understands exactly what you need!

We do not look at your bad credit history, or previous financial expenditures. We simply work with the equity that your property has. Getting a loan is that easy when you work with us. Call us today and speak to an agent to get started.

We strictly qualify you based on your home equity. Trying to access equity in your home that the banks won’t allow is easier than you think!

Come speak with us today and we, as private lenders in Ontario, can show you how easy and simple it is to access your property’s full equity and get started on getting you the financial freedom you desire.

Unlike several other private mortgage lenders, we will create an affordable and realistic approach to getting you the financial solution you need.

In decades past, a lot of Canadian homeowners have looked at a private mortgage as a last resort. In today’s economy that is no longer the case. Whether you need help climbing out of debt or just looking to buy that once in a lifetime purchase, Barrie Second Mortgage can help you understand your home’s true value and how you can turn that into equity. Once your equity is determined, we can help you decide which financial route is right for you and your family.

A second mortgage in Canada is exactly what you think. It simply represents a loan that you take out on your property, on which you already have a current first mortgage.

We know you may not have the present financial circumstances to apply and qualify for a loan or mortgage at the bank. We understand credit may have built up over the years. That is why we are here, to alleviate that stress and create a pressure free environment for you to get back to where you want to be, financially and with your life.

Worried you won’t qualify for that big loan or mortgage at the bank?

Come talk to us at BSM and we will get you started right away! When dealing with the major banks, most qualification standards revolve around your credit score, income and property value. Most major Canadian banks will also look at your equity, we focus only on your equity!

Our lenders will get you the most value for your property and some of the most competitive rates available.

We don’t look for problems, we look for solutions. Are you self-employed or recently unemployed? Just because the banks do not accept you as a candidate, does not mean you haven’t worked hard every day of your life. A common misunderstanding revolves around 2nd mortgages only being a final stand or last option. Did you know over 15% of Canadians (accreditation: Globe & Mail Press) are self-employed? As a Barrie mortgage broker can probably tell you, the Federal laws and regulations constantly changing the housing landscape. Therefore, a second mortgage is a very real option for most home owning Canadians.

The Simcoe County area has trusted BSM with its mortgage solutions for many years. Give us a call and let our team start working for you.

Today’s current economic structure allows BSM to offer home equity line of credit, otherwise known as HELOCs to their clients. A HELOC acts as a credit card and may come with a monetary limitation of your properties equity depending on your situation.

Call us today to see what the right fit is for you.

We don't only service Barrie, we serve Simcoe, Ontario and yes: the entire country of Canada! Wherever you are in the country, we can help you. For example, if you need a Second Mortgage in Toronto, we can make that happen.

If the bank turns you away that doesn’t mean you are left with no options. Call us today and let us show you how your property can get you the money you need to pay off your debt or finally make that long awaited purchase.

Whether it is a private mortgage or a bad credit mortgage, we can help. Perhaps you need a small HELOC or a second mortgage in Toronto to finish those beautiful renovations on your house or cottage. Whatever it is, you can trust BSM to stand by you every step of the way, from start to finish.

With the some of the most competitive second mortgage rates in Canada, not only will you be taken care of but so will your money and your future.

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