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You worked hard to buy your home, now let our private mortgage lenders show you how its equity can work hard for you.

BSM Mortgages provides private first and second mortgages, home equity loans, bad credit mortgages and reverse mortgages. Furthermore, our private lenders can provide clients with debt consolidation, consumer proposals and how to stop power of sale & foreclosures.

Whether you need to get rid of debt, renovate your home, get business capital, are retired, pay education tuition fees or want to go on a long overdue dream vacation, we can get you funded.

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    Your application with us is 100% free! You can reach us by applying above or giving us a call.

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    With our products you will feel you made a good deal. The most competitive rates in Canada.

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    Nearly all applicants are approved when applying for a Second Mortgage.

    Fast 48-hour Approval

    We can get you approved within 48 hours. Our process is quick and tailored to your needs.​

    No income necessary

    You do not need any income (statements) when applying to any of our financing products.

    Strictly Equity Based

    We lend on equity, not on credit, and can provide our products to the entire country of Canada

    No GDS/TDS

    Banks look at your GDS/TDS ratios, we don’t care about this. We provide hassle free service.

    Consumer Proposal

    Consumer proposals are no problem for us. Just give us a call and let us help you financially.

    Non-credit based

    If you apply with us, we will not take credit into account, because we lend on equity.

    High loan-to-value

    We lend up to 85% Loan-to-value, restrictions may apply. Call to speak with our agents.

    Won’t affect credit-score

    We focus on improving our client's credit score to ensure an easy exit at the end of the term.

    Any adult age

    Whether you are 19 or 80, we do not take age into account when you lend with us.


    Our mortgage and private lending services are numerous, let us know how we can assist.



    This type of loan is obtained after you have taken out an initial first mortgage. Second mortgages can help with renovations, to pay off debt, or anything the borrower may have in mind.


    Private Mortgage Lenders

    With top lenders near you, a second mortgage in Barrie may be the right move, but always do your research regarding the surrounding areas when it comes to choosing your private mortgage lending company.



    Bad Credit Mortgage

    Regardless of the type of loan you are looking to qualify for, there are plenty of options for a first or second mortgage Ontario lenders can show you, including a bad credit mortgage.




    Finding mortgage brokers in Ontario is easy, but finding the right one with the lowest second mortgage rates Ontario lending companies have to offer may take time and effort. Always do your due diligence before finalizing.



    Home Equity

    This specific type of loan works with the equity of your home. Once approved, a professional agent will appraise your home and offer you a loan based on the total value it has accrued.


    Metaphorical handcuffs breaking free of debt by means of debt consolidation


    If your monthly bills are piling up and starting to create a large amount of payments you just can’t keep up with, consolidating your debt may be the right move for you.



    Stop Power of Sale & Foreclosures

    How to stop a power of sale in Ontario is different than a foreclosure. Discussing your situation with us would be an important first step in deciding the outcome of your property.




    There are many things you need to learn about when it comes to qualifying for a reverse mortgage, such as age restrictions and other small details. Always get the information needed before moving forward.

    All you need to know about mortgages

    A second mortgage can be a massive benefit to you and your family. Make sure you understand all there is to know before choosing and working with your respective brokerages or lenders. Working hard right now on finding the best fit for your financial situation could mean saving thousands of dollars down the line.

    Your private lender may be able to offer you a variety of different options when it comes to your loan requests, including harder to find 3rd or bad credit mortgages. The first step to finding the right mortgage broker is understanding your situation is unique and not everyone has the same finances. Different companies offer different rates and fees for their available loans but matching your monetary situation with the right brokerage can mean saving lots of money later on.

    Private lenders in Ontario can help you with many different types of loans, yet landing on the correct fees and rates depends on which lender you choose when it comes to your second mortgage. Second mortgage rates in Ontario will vary depending on your location and the value of your home. Always make sure your agent knows the neighborhood and its value, as it can directly affect your rates and fees.

    Second mortgages can be beneficial in many ways, and most of the time the borrower may do as they please with their newly acquired funds. Most clients are looking to pay off their previous debt or student loans, but there are also those looking to finally take their dream vacation or improve an already existing property. Improving your current home can be beneficial to obtaining more value and a larger sum on your next loan. For example, if you take the money you are given and make renovations to your home, the value of that house will go up, and your next potential loan could be worth more.

    Understanding the key differences between the alternative and private lenders Ontario has to offer can help you land the lowest rates available. When it comes to a 2nd mortgage, Ontario can offer you a large amount of privatized companies to work with, but which lending option is correct for you will ultimately depend on your financial situation. This is why doing your research online and in-person is vital to finding the right lender to work with. The correct trained professional should have a very strong knowledge of the financial banking system as well as a keen understanding of the housing market, specifically in your neighborhood.

    There are a few key differences when it comes to the two, and private mortgage lenders in Ontario can help assess your situation and offer advice on how to move forward. Essentially, when a property is going through one of these processes it would be the lender who is selling the home, and not the borrower, who may also be the existing tenant and owner.

    How to stop a foreclosure in Ontario is different than a power of sale. The process may seem tedious but BSM Mortgages can help you begin learning the details and hopefully how to potentially stop foreclosures and power of sales on your properties.

    Right off the bat, if you cannot make your payments, a smart idea would be trying to qualify for an additional mortgage and using the newly acquired funds to ease the financial debt and burden of the entire process. If you cannot do this, you can also try negotiating with the banks or your private lender on finding an acceptable price for the property. Always remember, in power of sale the lender may be able to fully evict the borrower, dependent on the situation.

    A home equity loan in Ontario or any other province can ease the financial burden you may currently be experiencing. Getting a loan or second mortgage in Canada is easier than you think. Many Canadian citizens who call us have questions regarding home equity lines of credit, second mortgages and more. Most of the time, the real question most potential clients ask regarding home equity loans are if they are a good idea or not.

    What is so attractive about this type of loan? First off, you can gain tax credits and deductions as well as have lower interest rates than when you borrow other types of non-secured funds.

    With this specific type of loan, you will borrow one amount of money from your lender and pay it off month by month. Always keep in mind borrowing with your property’s equity can sometimes slightly affect your credit scores overall.

    The real estate market in Ontario can fluctuate depending on the season and which area of the province you are researching. When it comes to Barrie, the market is strong and growing due to an influx of young families who continue to build up the city and its surrounding areas such as Orillia and the Muskoka regions.

    If you are looking for something unique, such as a 3rd mortgage, lenders are still available if you can meet the terms and rates applied. Although in certain cases it may be smart for you to speak with a real estate agent to get the most up-to-date information on the value of your home and surrounding properties.

    One of the major reasons people flock to Ontario is the vibrant mix of city and cottage life. The province itself plays host to the bigger cities of Toronto and Ottawa, yet also has an immense number of public parks ranging from small to large.

    The availability of a bad credit mortgage in Ontario is something that may be useful to home owners looking for financial help yet may not have a positive score. When dealing with the major Canadian banks many of our potential clients are quickly denied a chance to qualify for any loan based on their negative credit score. We understand life is not always as one plans it and as long as you own your property, things such as bad credit or spotty financial records will not affect your chances of qualifying for a line of credit or a loan of any kind.

    It is important to keep in mind, with the right lender, almost any mortgage situation can be completed. Although, with the major Canadian banking institutions they will most likely not qualify individuals who have a negative or checkered financial past that may come with their low score.

    Stopping a power of sale or foreclosure is just one of the many things a trained agent can assist you with. Aside from loan opportunities, debt consolidation is something our clients contemplate when their monthly bills are piling up and becoming too much. Simply put, debt consolidation allows you to work with a trained and certified individual on condensing all your bills into one monthly payment. This allows you to get back to normal and remove the stress you experience every month. Although you are paying off your debt for a longer period of time, it also means your current monthly payment will be smaller and directed towards one lender instead of several collectors.

    There are many different things you can choose to do with your money, and most lending companies allow the borrower to do as they please. Our clients also seek advice for other monetary issues such as debt consolidation in Ontario or anywhere in the country.

    If you are asking yourself why every month paying your bills creates another job in itself and that takes away from your already minimal and precious personal time, by speaking with the right qualified company or individual you can alleviate that stress and consolidate all of your payments into one payment towards your hired professional. From there, paying your bills will not take up as much time and more importantly, even though you may be paying off your debt for a little longer, the amounts will be streamlined into one smaller payment, allowing you to get back to living life on your own terms.

    Simply put, a broker does not lend money directly to the borrower. They would broker a deal on your behalf. On the other hand, when dealing with a certified lender, they can directly lend you financial assets.

    Knowing the detailed fine print when it comes to loans or private mortgages Ontario has to offer can help you get those coveted low monthly fees. There are many private mortgage lenders in Canada, so make sure you speak with someone who will understand your situation and assess it based on everything from your scores to your financial history and more.

    Another key factor to keep in mind is mortgage brokers will not always be able to offer you the lowest rates. Most people believe this is so due to the fact they have access to multiple lenders as opposed to just working with the major Canadian banks. As well, different lenders come with different loan commissions. This is why it is important to tailor your needs to the right private lending company or brokerage, our mortgage brokers and mortgage lenders will be able to assist you with this.

    There are many benefits to a reverse mortgage, some of which include:

    • Loans are non-taxable
    • Home ownership is continued
    • Cash boosted at a time you may be retired

    Depending on the type of loan you are looking to obtain, there are plenty of options for a reverse or second mortgage Ontario-based agents can sign you up for. Qualifying for a reverse mortgage in Ontario also has a lot to do with your age, as only those above the age of 62 can apply. If you need more advice, a BSM Mortgages is ready to help with all your queries and concerns.

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