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Need financing but have bad credit? Qualify for a bad credit mortgage right away.

It is very important to know and believe that when applying with BSM Mortgages, bad credit will never affect your chances of approval for a bad credit loan.

Do you have debt? Are your credit card bills starting to add up? Well then it is time to call BSM and see what we can do to alleviate the financial stress and get you back to where you belong.

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    Can I apply for a Bad Credit Mortgage?

    It is very difficult to maintain a perfect credit rating. You may have lost your job and have built up credit debt, causing a decrease in your score. You may have applied for financing and have been denied, again causing a hit to your score. All this and more can cause you to have bad credit.

    We take pride in knowing that our clients can feel safe and be at peace knowing they will get approved when applying for one of our products. When people hear about Bad Credit Mortgages in Barrie they think of extremely high interest rates and tons of hidden fees. Well you can be assured that we will outline all the costs of borrowing and that our interest rates are very competitive.

    Our Barrie Bad Credit Mortgage can be used for debt consolidation, credit rehabilitation and much, much more. Our agents are trained in helping their private clients become “A-rated” clients once again. With our knowledge in rehabilitating bad credit, BSM should be your number one choice in taking your life back.

    Equity Based Lending with Bad Credit

    When dealing with the banks most of the time your TDS and GDS come into play. We only look at your property and the equity we can help you reach to get that mortgage or financial settlement you need.

    Looking to make that property purchase and don’t have the best credit? not to worry.

    Contact us today at BSM Mortgages and one of our Licensed Mortgage Specialists would be happy to help guide you. Here at BSM we only have your best interest when we represent you.

    Obtaining a Bad Credit Mortgage in Barrie

    Most Private Mortgage lenders in Canada look at a number of points when deciding if a mortgage is best for you. A homeowner with good credit is considered low risk and usually will qualify for a mortgage. Here at BSM we understand this isn’t the case with everyone and can help maintain competitive rates and terms to get you that bad credit mortgage you need, regardless of your credit score. Most Canadians who have applied for a loan or mortgage from a Major Canadian bank have experienced what they call the “stress test”. As of the year 2018 any Canadian citizen applying for a mortgage from a major Canadian bank will have to undergo the “Stress Test”.

    The test mainly covers the risks and negative outcomes for investments and mortgages. Implications such as how much one can afford or whether their upkeep of monthly bills can be sustained if unconventionally unemployed. All these are important factors taken into account when you approach the bank for a loan or mortgage.

    When you call BSM, we will not put you through any tests, and we take great pride in alleviating your financial strains, creating a stress free environment where you can pay your bills and live the life you want.

    Imagine a few thousand in savings when you’re in a tough spot and every penny is needed. Having bad credit will no longer affect you. BSM takes pride in helping you save all the money you can while creating the breathing room you need to live properly.

    Get in touch with one of our World Class Specialists now.

    How can BSM assist when others can not?

    First off, most major Canadian banks deal with a very extreme ratings system when it comes to your total credit score. With the federal laws changing the housing landscape, most major banks need a score upwards of 600+.

    Many hard working Canadians have not been able to take out lines of credit, or mortgages due to the fact they do not have the sufficient credit score. Concentrating only on the equity of your property we gain access to funds the banks cannot and give you as much equity as possible on your property, allowing us to offer as much money as possible when it comes to lines of credit, Personal Home Equity Visas, Private Mortgages and Second Mortgages.

    Whether you are being blocked by your unsteady income or personal situation, BSM we focus solely on your equity. With the most competitive rates and fees in Canada, you can bet we will get you the most value for your property. We help people with accessing the equity the banks wont allow you to access simply by utilizing the available equity you have. Rates Range from 6% to 12% depending on some different factors. Get in contact with one of our qualified specialists today to assist you in the financing process.

    Can BSM Help me with Debt Consolidation in Barrie?

    Here at BSM we pride ourselves in helping the Greater Simcoe Region in various Financial and Mortgage based investments and loans.Are you dealing with Debt Settlement in regards to a Bad Credit Mortgage? We have a team that specializes in reducing your debt amounts while increasing your savings through our financing process. What is amazing about this is the fact that although the creditors have charged high amounts of interest on the outstanding debt you have, we can get them chopped almost in half.When applying for a mortgage through the Canadian Banks, your credit score is an important factor. Not everyone has the luxury of having a great credit score. Sometimes working with the big Canadian banks can create a world of stress that homeowners have no interest in dealing with. Our mortgage advisors understand that not everyone has a good credit score, yet that shouldn’t stop you from applying and qualifying for a mortgage.Getting a mortgage with bad credit is not impossible. With BSM, we make things happen for you.
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