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2nd Mortgage Ontario

Your home has value and over time it can gain that value as a property asset. The equity of your property can rise over time due to home renovations or neighbourhood improvements to the surrounding areas. A 2nd mortgage allows a homeowner to borrow large funds while using their home as collateral.

Second mortgages are your gateway to financial freedom. With an approval rate of nearly 100% and no income verification, hard times don’t have to happen. We strictly rely on your equity to get you funded.

A lot of Canadian citizens have a hard time dealing with the banks when it comes to finances and mortgages regarding their owned properties. We remove the tedious procedures of banks and we don’t look at your GDS or TDS ratios.

Bad credit, previously bankrupt, no credit or consumer proposals? Not to worry, we can help. Maybe you are facing power of sale? If so, we can assist you as well.

Regardless of your credit score, income or financial history, we will work with you to get the most equity and value out of your current property, allowing you the financial freedom to move forward in life.

Are the banks making your life difficult? Maybe it’s time to try other avenues. Call Barrie Second Mortgage today and see how easy it is to gain the financial freedom you need.

We lend to 85% in most major cities, and in rural areas 75% would be the cap. Whether you need a 2nd mortgage to pay off your bad debts, help bringing your current home up to date or renovate your basement, a 2nd mortgage with BSM would be perfect solution.

Need more information on a 2nd Mortgage? Anything that does not go through the bank or whomever is in first position on your home, is considered a Second Mortgage. We determine the amount of equity we can use based on a simple formula.

The LTV formula (Loan-to-value)

Loan to Value (LTV) is monetary terminology used by the Canadian banks and Private mortgage lenders to show the ratio of a mortgage to the worth of the current homeowner’s property.

To provide an example:

You divide the amount of security by the value of the home giving us an idea of how much we would be able to lend you.

  • Property Example 1 is a home in Barrie, Ontario valued at $350,000 with a mortgage of $175,000. You would be sitting at 50% LTV. That means with a lending cap to 85% we will be able to get you $122,500!

  • Property Example 2 brings us to a home in Wasaga Beach, Ontario valued at $200,000 with a mortgage of $127,000 would have you sitting at 63.5% LTV. That means with a lending cap of 75%, because it is rural, we will be able to get you $23,000!

Here at BSM our clientele, and their everyday needs, vary on a large scale and we are here to help them succeed. Whether it’s consolidating debt, covering first mortgage payments, or even financing home improvements so you can get your significant other’s dream kitchen or man cave you have always wanted, Barrie Second Mortgage is the right choice for you when it comes to Private Lenders.

The great news is that even if your credit is in the red, BSM wants you to know that this doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan. Getting an approval and some of the lowest rates on the private market is easy.

With a 2nd mortgage from BSM, homeowners can start using their funds immediately. Imagine all the help you’ll receive. Our clients needs vary from consolidating debt to planning weddings and educational expenses. Whatever you may need, using only your home’s equity, Barrie Second Mortgage will help you push forward.

Today’s Canadian economy is full of homeowners who need that extra push to get over the top. Unlike the major banks, here at BSM we understand that needing a second mortgage doesn’t mean you don’t work hard everyday. With federal law ever changing, the banks continue to make it increasingly difficult for Canadians to obtain mortgages and loans.

Second mortgages can help you grow. Our equity loans can help you buy that next piece of property you have been looking at. Second mortgages can consolidate all your debts and allow for that necessary breathing room.

One of the main advantages of working with BSM is that we do not focus on your current hardship when deciding to lend you money. Our main focus is the available equity you have for us to use. We lend primarily on the asset that you have. If there is a substantial amount of room, you can bet you will be approved.

Perhaps you are recently unemployed. Not to worry, a 2nd mortgage can give you some money to make your day-to-day tasks much easier.

With a second mortgage, you can use the funds for:

  • Debt Consolidation
  • Remodeling and renovations
  • Investing in a business
  • Consumer proposals
  • Paying taxes
  • Purchasing long-term investment
  • property
  • Transportation and Vehicle purchases
  • Education and personal family expenditures
  • Hospital and doctor expenses

Here at Barrie Second Mortgage we can help you turn that equity into tangible funds. Don’t wait, talk to our licensed professional today and see how signing up for a second mortgage can help relieve financial stress and help you make the payments or purchases you need to live the life you want!

Here are the steps involved:

  • You call Barrie Second Mortgage or you fill out the online application.

  • We get you in touch with one of our qualified agents.

  • Once qualified we have the appraisal ordered.

  • Send the completed appraisal and the requested forms to the approved lender.

  • You are sent the approval documents and we go over it together and we sign.

  • Then you sign at the lawyers and you’re funded the next day.

This whole process is made simple when dealing with Barrie Second Mortgage!

Please remember, with a loan taken out following your first mortgage, there are many benefits and reasons to take out a 2nd mortgage. In the correct situation, a ‘second trust junior lien’, (also known as a 2nd mortgage), is the right move for homeowners looking to save money.

We are not limited by Barrie, Simcoe county or Ontario borders.

We service Canada with most competitive Second Mortgage rates!

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