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Second Mortgage Thunder Bay

Obtaining a second mortgage in the vast areas of Thunder Bay (specifically McKellar and Mission Island) may be easier than you think, especially if you have already visited the major banks.

Have you lost your job or things have become slow at work. Maybe you can’t afford to pay your debt or the bills are just piling up. There are a large amount of reasons people turn to Thunder Bay private mortgage lenders such as BSM to find out what types of second mortgages Thunder Bay has to offer.

Most importantly, you have to remember if you own your home, even if the major institutions have turned you away, we can qualify you for a second mortgage in a very simple and expedited way.

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    Thunder Bay Second Mortgage

    Understanding LTV is important to getting the right second mortgage in Thunder Bay.

    LTV stands for Loan to Value. LTV greatly affects the amount of money you are trying to borrow from Thunder Bay private lenders. If your LTV is low, you can expect a good rate. There is risk in borrowing with a high LTV. Make sure to find the right 2nd mortgage lender before signing anything.

    Calculating LTV is quite simple, and it is important when looking for that unique 2nd mortgage Thunder Bay private brokers have for you. All you need to do is divide the sum borrowed by the value of your home, after it’s appraisal. This is just one of the important things to remember when discussing your 2nd mortgage rates with your Thunder Bay private lender.

    Thunder Bay Private Mortgage Lenders

    With Thunder Bay being such a vast population, private mortgage lenders are offering great rates and fees for those looking for a Thunder Bay 2nd mortgage, HELOC, or loan of any kind. For those living in Thunder Bay second mortgage rates may be different than someone trying to qualify for a second home from outside of the locale.

    Home appraisal is vital when deciding on a private mortgage lender and can affect your 2nd mortgage rate in many ways. Make sure your home is appraised properly and gets you the most value you can for anything pertinent to 2nd mortgages.

    Thunder Bay Mortgage Brokers

    You work hard, own your home and pay off your mortgage every month. You deserve the financial flexibility of a 2nd mortgage but cannot seem to get qualified through the major Canadian banks. Whether it is bad credit or the dreaded stress test, leaving the bank overwhelmed and upset is something most Canadian citizens are feeling these days, and with no where else to turn, it is becoming increasingly difficult to live the life they envisioned when it began. Enter the private lenders BSM Mortgages has to offer in Thunder Bay.

    Although, it may seem like the end of the road, it is not. Get that second mortgage, obtain that flexibility, pay off those debts, or buy that boat you have always dreamed about. Working with a private lender such as BSM, ensures success based off of the sole reason we provide you with a mortgage, HELOC, or loan based only off of your property and the value it has obtained over the years of paying off your mortgage.

    Don’t fret, and don’t let the banks stress you out. Thunder Bay private lenders are ready to assist you right away.

    Thunder Bay Information

    If you have ever wondered where the most beautiful pictures of nature in Canada are taken, wonder no further. Most would argue Thunder Bay, Ontario is one of the most beautiful places in the country.

    Home to historic trading posts and residing on the gargantuan lake Superior, Thunder Bay has so much to offer the outdoorsman or woman looking to go camping, fishing or simply just explore Canada’s beautiful landscape.

    Further from the major Canadian cities, while visiting Thunder Bay one can run into moose or wolves, although we don’t advise getting too close. For another fun experience check out Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, a great place to spend the day.

    Thunder Bay Real Estate Market

    Thunder Bay has the 12th most properties currently available in the province of Ontario, and with an average residential property sale of $264,000, it is very affordable and a great place to start your company or new family, especially if you are nature-centric and love the outdoors and wildlife.

    Property sales saw an increase of 21% from 2018 to 2019 and you can expect that number to continue to trend upwards as Canadians and people outside of Canada start to buy up land in the region and surrounding areas.

    Don’t miss your opportunity, speak with a real estate agent or Thunder Bay mortgage brokers today and find out if this area is right for you and your family or company.

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