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As one of the fastest growing areas near Barrie, more home and cottage owners within Orillia are turning to Private Lenders for financial advice and mortgage assistance.

Here at BSM we understand that large purchases or renovations may seem out of reach, and after a quick visit to the local bank, Canadian Citizens are seeing that loan applications and mortgage assessments have changed drastically. Simply put, the Canadian Government is making it harder to obtain financial help.

At BSM Mortgages, not only can we assist with a Second Mortgage in Orillia, we also specialize in private mortgages, home equity lines of credit and more!

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    Orillia Mortgage Brokers

    There are many benefits to working with BSM Mortgages and its private lenders for your next loan or mortgage. Perhaps it is the financial freedom you desire, or you are looking to finally put an end to all your bills. Whatever it may be, our agents are ready to guide you every step along the way.

    Here at BSM, we do much more. You might be looking to consolidate your debt or want to refinance your mortgage. Let one of our highly knowledgeable mortgage lenders direct you on the path to financial stability.

    Property ownership is something to be proud of. When your local Orillia bank or even a much larger bank turns you down, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any more options. Contact us now to see what we can do for you!

    Orillia Second Mortgage

    A 2nd mortgage is a mortgage taken out after your first mortgage. Although generally not easy to obtain, especially if you have poor credit, at BSM we don’t assess based on bad credit, instead work with your homes equity to get you a Second Mortgage.

    Whether you are looking for loan assistance and got turned down by the banks, or you’ve put money into your home and want to explore your options through its value. Working with your home’s equity allows us to offer you what the big Canadian banks cannot. Whether it was bad credit or the dreaded “Stress test”, just because the banks said no, does not mean you are out of options.

    If you have equity in your home, a Second Mortgage in Orillia might just be a phone call away.

    Orillia Private Lenders

    Private lending is a real choice for homeowners looking to make the most out of their property and its full value. Through home equity, we at BSM Mortgages and our private lenders will get you the funding you might need to pay off debt or invest in a large project.

    See which financial solutions our private lenders can help you with by giving us a call.

    Orillia Real Estate Market

    When it comes to the real estate market, Orillia can be more stable than larger cities such as Barrie or Innisfil, but also may experience a flux of value differentiation based on its quick growth and ability to offer waterfront properties and rural homes all within minutes of each other.

    In 2017, as most Canadian areas encountered, the area of Orillia experienced a hike in home value, only to see things drop entering 2018. Orillia is home to parts of Lake Koochiching, thus giving homeowners and cottage dwellers alike, a unique sense of lake front living and large town atmosphere.

    As the area continues to expand, you can count on Canadians to look at Orillia as a real landing spot for their next property purchase.

    Orillia Information

    “Home to one of the largest hydraulic lift locks in the world”

    Located 20 minutes north of Barrie, Orillia offers home owners a slice of city living while still maintaining that country feel. With new condo developments and recreational centers, the Westdridge development of Orillia is quickly growing, while helping the town move forward economically. Home to a population nearing 32, 500, Orillia continues to move forward when it comes to public transit, social nightlife and home grown industrial sectors.

    Many see Orillia as an up and coming business-oriented area, but keep in mind as the demographic continues to grow, the surrounding areas remain untouched. With miles of park trails, canoe routes and outdoor winter activities, Orillia is still a wonderful outdoor experience for anyone looking to build a home in a town that still offers plenty to the outdoor enthusiast.

    There are currently a number of major projects underway within the city of Orillia. A brand new Waterfront center will attract more tourism and continue to be the pillar of an already vibrant area. Another project underway is the Centennial Drive Improvement Area. This project will improve the stability and location of the nearby main roads, thus allowing for more beachfront and space for pedestrians.

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