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Whether it is a private mortgage, home equity loan or bad credit loan, BSM is ready to serve Innisfil Second Mortgage products and we are always available to give you the tools and advice you need to make the best financial decisions possible!

Our mortgage lenders specialize in helping you better understand the important decisions, before coming to the correct financial conclusions.

Here at BSM Mortgages, our specialists have many different types of clients. From paying off student, business or credit-card loans to various equity based lines of credit, we are here to make it a reality.

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    Innisfil Mortgage Brokers

    Looking for debt consolidation? Our team is ready to assist. Perhaps you need a private mortgage. Here at BSM Mortgages we specialize in private lending. Maybe it is that 2nd mortgage you are looking for, or perhaps a Home Equity Line of Credit, (commonly known as a HELOC) is more suitable to your current situation.

    Are you looking for a bad credit loan or mortgage? A bad credit loan allows you to borrow even if your credit is in the red. Here at BSM we provide what the banks cannot. From loan refinancing to helping you accomplish Power of Sale, we are here to help you pay off those bills, build back your credit and get you back to living the life you’ve always wanted.

    Perhaps you finally want to build that expensive addition to your home, or pay off your debt from university or college. Whatever your needs are, here at BSM we will make it happen. Let us show you how your property can start paying you back.

    The approval process is quick and easy. Pick up the phone and contact us today!

    Innisfil Second Mortgage

    So what exactly is a second mortgage?

    A second mortgage is a mortgage that is given secondary to an earlier established mortgage (your first mortgage). A second mortgage gives you more financial freedom and the ability to use your home as collateral. Unlike the Innisfil and Simcoe region banks, we will not turn you down. Here at BSM Mortgages we work with your home’s equity to determine value for your Second Mortgage in Innisfil, please contact us for personal advice.

    Innisfil Private Lenders

    When paying a visit to your local bank or even a larger Canadian bank in the big city, a lot of Canadian Citizens are turned down due to poor credit, and begin to explore other options, such as private lenders like BSM Mortgages.

    We can provide a Home Equity Line of Credit which is different than a regular line of credit, because the amount given is based on the sole value of your property. Furthermore, we can provide a home equity loan based on your property’s value as well. As a homeowner, you have put time and money into your home. Now let us show you how easily that money can become accessible.

    Innisfil Real Estate Market

    Real estate moguls and land developers have quickly discovered that Innisfil is becoming the hot spot for tourists and Canadian Home owners looking for a more elegant cottage experience.

    As the year begins, residents have seen an uptick in land value and development prices due to an influx of new homes and cottages being built. Newer areas such as ‘Friday Harbor’ and ‘Big Bay’ should prove to be a boon for property value as the area continues to develop and garner attention.

    With waterfront properties nearing $10 million in value and the addition of even more new golf courses to the area, Innisfil, Ontario is quickly becoming the place to be. Whether you are a young professional looking for your first home, a retired couple looking to move, or just interested in beachfront property, Innisfil offers you everything and more.

    Innisfil Information

    “The name Innisfil is derived from Inis Fáil, an ancient mythological name in Irish, meaning Ireland.”

    With a sustained population of over 36,000 occupants, the bustling town of Innisfil, Ontario is home to some of the most beautiful terrain, beaches and park trails that the surrounding Simcoe region has to offer.

    Located south of Barrie on the West end of Lake Simcoe, Innisfil is more than your average water-front town. Homeowners and cottage buyers will always keep in mind when it comes to neighboring cities Innisfil is closer to Toronto than Barrie or Orillia. This can create a stronger yet more expensive housing market, especially in the summer months.

    Innisfil was also chosen as a successful candidate for ‘Uber Transit’, a device accessible transit system, which allows residents to travel throughout the town at an extremely reduced flat rate.

    Although known for its long beaches and a plethora of available watersport activities, Innisfil is also home to some of the provinces greatest golf courses. Whether it is Big Cedar or National Pines, there is a course for the seasoned veteran and the young amateur alike.

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