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Why do more and more Canadian turn to private lenders for their mortgage needs? Simply put, the Canadian banks are making it harder and harder for citizens to successfully qualify for a mortgage or loan.

Whether it is the newly initiated ‘stress test’ or a historical financial check, banks can find many ways to turn down hard working homeowners.

BSM Mortgages offers a wide range of services including Debt consolidation, Home Equity Lines of Credit, Private Mortgages and Second Mortgages.

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    Elmvale Second Mortgages

    Homeowners looking to qualify for a Second Mortgage in Elmvale may encounter issues when dealing with their local bank or even larger banks located in nearby cities. A second mortgage is a mortgage that a homeowner obtains after they have obtained and are paying off an initial first mortgage.

    Unlike the banks, BSM works strictly with your home’s value to get you the second mortgage or loan you need to move forward.

    How is BSM different than the banks? Working with home equity, we can offer you a loan based on the value of your property. Over time, a homeowner will pay off their first mortgage. As they make their payments their property begins to gain value. We show you how to gain access to this equity and assist you in finding the right way to leverage it. If you own your property, we can help you get to where you want to be.

    Elmvale Mortgage Brokers

    BSM Mortgages is happy to be serving the Springwater Township, and has dealt with many different financial situations.

    As a private lender BSM offers various types of mortgages, loans and lines of credit. Even if your credit is in the red, our team will work with your property and its equity to determine and offer you the best possible bad credit mortgage.

    Applying for a Second mortgage or Home Equity Loan through BSM can give you the freedom you need to make the financial decisions you want. Move forward with BSM today by giving us a call, or fill out our contact form on our homepage, and one of our highly trained mortgage lenders will contact you right away.

    Elmvale Home Equity Line of Credit

    BSM also offers Home Equity Line of Credit in Elmvale, otherwise called a HELOC, which allows a homeowner to use their property as collateral to secure a line of credit or private home equity loan.

    Here at BSM Mortgages we don’t let bad credit stop us from offering you a second mortgage or loan. Our team of professional land certified agents will be happy to show you that obtaining a loan or second mortgage is not difficult.

    Start the application process right away, and find out how quickly you can begin to pay off those old loans or make the dream purchase you’ve always thought was out of reach.

    Elmvale Information

    “Nicknamed the Mirror city after its close relationship with Medford Lakes, NJ, USA”

    Located in the township of Springwater, Ontario, Elmvale has a population of close to 2,500 and is home to the country famous “Elmvale Maple Syrup festival” which garners the attention of thousands of visitors each and every season.

    The Township of Springwater is located in Central Ontario, within Simcoe County. In the year 1991 it was formed through a combination of areas, uniting as one. Those areas include Flo Township, the Village of Elmvale, Vespra Township and parts of what is now known as Oro Medonte, Ontario.

    With a bustling farmers market, a zoo, local skate-parks, local golf courses and clubs, outdoor activities and more, Elmvale is the place to be for those looking to keep things relaxed but still be close enough to the major attractions and nearby cities to enjoy the amenities of the surrounding areas.

    Some other attractions include the annual Elmvale Fall fair and the Elmvale Water festival, which is run to raise awareness for agricultural and politically based water issues throughout the surrounding areas and province of Ontario.

    Elmvale Real Estate Market

    In regards to real estate, the average home in 2017 sold for close to $900,000! The area itself is made up of small rural neighborhoods and farmland properties, which sometimes can sit on many acres of land. Prospective buyers can aim to purchase that large area of land while still not breaking the bank, as one might when looking to purchase large acres of land closer to the main city of Toronto or even Barrie, Ontario.

    Whether you are an industrial businessman looking for investment opportunities or a young family looking to move somewhere quiet yet still close to the main city, then Elmvale may be the right spot for you. Elmvale is proud to offer new residents that small-town community feel while still catering to the industrial professional.

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