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From private to second mortgages in Collingwood, bad credit mortgages and more, BSM is happy to be serving the picturesque town of Collingwood, Ontario and its surrounding areas for all your financial mortgage needs.

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    Collingwood Second Mortgage

    With today’s geo-economical landscape ever shifting, hard working Canadians are having a problematic time getting mortgage help from the major banks. That is why private lenders such as BSM are here for all your second mortgage services.

    As a private lender, here at BSM we work with the equity you have earned on your home to give you the best rates and fees on your second mortgage or loan. If you own your property, approval for a second mortgage in Collingwood takes just a few steps:

    • Applications and consensual agreement form
    • Qualify for a second mortgage or a bad credit loan
    • Process of equity appraising
    • Approval of final documentation and signatures

    You’ve worked tirelessly to be a successful homeowner, and the instant you begin to pay off your mortgage, your property begins to retain equity. This equity can in turn, work for you. With that second mortgage, you can have the freedom you need to live life on your terms.

    A Second mortgage is a mortgage taken out after your initial mortgage. Whether those old student bills keep piling up, or you want to renovate your home to create added value on the housing market. Whatever results you need, BSM Mortgages can make it happen.

    We understand that a second mortgage in Collingwood can help ease the financial burdens of raising a family in today’s ever-expensive society. If you own a house, give us a call today. By using only your home’s equity we can get you that mortgage you need to live financial-stress free.

    Mortgage Brokers Collingwood

    Our team of agents is ready to offer you the personalized service necessary for guiding you and your loved ones on the right path. At BSM, although we specialize in second mortgages, our staff is well knowledgeable and happy to assist our clientele with everything from private mortgages to bad credit mortgages, HELOC’s and more.

    With a bad credit mortgage from BSM we can help you rebuild that credit rating and rehabilitate your financial situation to get you back to where you belong. Don’t let bad credit discourage you and don’t let the banks dissuade you with their detailed historical checks and endless forms. Working strictly with your home and the equity it has earned, we will get you that second mortgage you justifiably deserve.

    BSM is happy to be serving the Collingwood area, and when you need information and extensive advice on obtaining a second mortgage, don’t wait, call us today. Out of the red and into the green, let us help you.

    Collingwood Real Estate Market

    Like most of Ontario, when it comes to the Collingwood real estate market, it is an up and coming community that continues to grow. The average price for a home sold in Collingwood is currently $452,000.

    The area is home to some of the most magnificent lakefront properties in the province and with an average of fewer than 29 days on the market, you can bet things will continue to move forward at a reasonably consistent pace.

    Just as their motto reads, the locale of Collingwood prides itself in being a hard working town perfect for raising a family, but also home to beautiful countryside which offers a bit of everything to everyone’s inner nemophilist.

    Collingwood Information

    “A place to live, work and play”

    With an ever-expanding residency of over 21,000 people, the bustling harbor town of Collingwood, Ontario continues to grow every day.

    Home to the famous Blue Mountain resort, Collingwood is most vibrant in the winter months as Ontario residents flock to the attractive retreat for endless skiing and outdoor activities on the mountains many trails and hills. Well known for its lively winter atmosphere, Collingwood also plays host to some of the best summer and fall seasonal fishing in the province, as the area is home to the southern most regions of Georgian Bay, and attracts the most avid of anglers.

    Aside from fishing and skiing, visitors and residents of Collingwood alike enjoy a deluge of potential things to see and do, from its Arts and Culture based museums, to the Heritage skate-park, and endless annual special events. One of these great events is the Collingwood Elvis Festival, which draws close to 20,000 visitors each year.

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