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Happy to be serving the Angus community of Essa Township, BSM Mortgages is the private lenders that you want assistance from with your second mortgage, home equity loans, and debt consolidation.

Whether you own a cottage or home, here at BSM we make sure you get as much out of your property as possible. Working with equity and property value we are able to offer you some of the best loans and mortgage rates available.

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    Angus 2nd Mortgage

    A first mortgage is a mortgage taken out on your property, a 2nd mortgage would be a secondary mortgage taken out after your first mortgage.

    A Second mortgage can give you the ability to make that dream purchase you’ve always wanted, or pay off debt that continues to pile up. Here at BSM Mortgages, we understand every homeowner has unique financial situations and our team of agents are ready to cater to you and get you the most for your property.

    Angus Mortgage Brokers

    Don’t let the banks add to your stress when they turn you down. Make the decision smart Canadian citizens are making when it comes to private lenders and second mortgages, choose BSM. We are proud to offer a variety of services and assistance including private mortgage loans, mortgage refinancing, reverse mortgages, stop a power of sale process and much more.

    Angus Home Equity Loans

    Wondering what Home equity is and how it allows BSM to offer you Home Equity Loans which your local Angus bank (or even a large Canadian bank in the main city) cannot?

    When taking a visit to your bank to request a loan or mortgage approval, you will go through multiple screenings including a poor credit rating, a “monetary stress test” and a historical audit of your finances, among many other things. This means that the bank can create many obstacles on your path to financial stability.

    Here at BSM we offer our clients a wide range of mortgages and loans including a Second Mortgage. We differ from the banks due to our ability to access your properties equity. Through the equity of the home or cottage you own, we can assess its value and offer you what the major Canadian banks cannot, financial freedom.

    Angus Real Estate Market

    Another great addition to the area has been the Royal Victoria Hospital, a $450 million dollar project should double the size of the existing hospital and create more jobs for the community. Economic additions such as this are the reason Angus is becoming a very desirable area for prospective homeowners and young families.

    With an average listing price of close to half a million dollars, Angus is not your average “small town”. Located towards Bradford, on the west side of Highway 400, Angus has an eclectic mix of young professionals who are working in the Essa Township or neighboring areas, and industrial farmland, which is home to some of Canada’s biggest dairy farms.

    In years past, Angus, and the Essa Township were primarily known for its Agricultural economy.

    Although, over the past few decades the area has diversified due to an influx of people moving in and creating a stronger economic balance, and as the community looks ahead, the future for Angus, Ontario is very bright.

    Angus Information

    “Where Town and Country Meet”

    Part of the larger Essa Township, Angus has a population over 20,000. Angus is also the largest of the 3 areas, which include Thornton, Ontario and Baxter, Ontario.

    The Essa Township is also home to the smaller areas of Colwell, Ivy and Egbert and is the main access point to one of Canada’s largest military bases, CFB Borden.

    CFB Borden provides a great boost to the Township. With over 10,000+ military and on military personal on base, the areas naturally grow due to a direct need for housing, job opportunities and educational growth.

    As the closest town to reside near the military base, Angus is economically affected in a positive way by the influx of more people and new jobs to the area and its surrounding hamlets. With picturesque rivers and an abundance of outdoor trails, Angus gives its residence a great combination of suburb living and an exciting outdoor lifestyle.

    Annual fishing contests and festivals garner province-wide attention every year, and this gives the residence of Angus a chance to show their true sense of community and cultural pride.

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