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In todays economic world, Canadian property owners are having a hard time successfully applying for loans or mortgages through the major banks. This is because the banks have made it harder than in the past to receive a mortgage or loan.

BSM Mortgages is your first call when it comes to advice on Penetanguishene Second Mortgages, bad credit mortgages, debt settlement, and more.

Not only will we guide you throughout the process, we make sure you get the most financial help you can when it comes to your bad credit loan or mortgage. At BSM, we specialize in getting our clients that private or second mortgage they need.

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    Penetanguishene Private Lenders

    As a private lender, BSM uses home equity to assess value, not credit, which is something the major Canadian banks cannot do. Unlike the banks, here at BSM we won’t put you through any Stress tests or do a heavy review of your credit. As Private Lenders, we realize you might not have a perfect financial history.

    Once we assess your property we can determine if we can offer you a second mortgage, private loan or line of credit through using only your property’s value!

    One of our agents will be happy to contact you and get started right away!

    Penetanguishene Mortgage Brokers

    Over the years, your property gains value. Let our mortgage lenders show you how that value can turn into financial assets, giving you the ability to pay off your debts, renovate your kitchen, or buy your significant other that dream item they’ve always wanted.

    A HELOC, otherwise known as a Home Equity Line of Credit, allows you to borrow select funds from a private lender that BSM Mortgages has access to, strictly through assessing your properties value and offering you the best possible mortgage rates based only on your home’s equity.

    Penetanguishene 2nd Mortgage

    A second mortgage is a loan taken out by a homeowner on equity, after they have already taken out an initial or first mortgage. A 2nd mortgage allows a property owner financial freedom, flexibility and stability.

    If you’re looking for a second mortgage or private loan, BSM is right for you. Serving the Penetanguishene area, we can help you with debt consolidation, power of sale processes, and much more. Here at BSM we specialize in using your home’s equity to assess value and qualify you for a 2nd mortgage, private loans, HELOC, or private loan.

    Penetanguishene Real Estate Market

    Known for its rich cultural heritage, museums, and outdoor amenities, the town of Penetanguishene is a growing area and popular among potential homeowners or cottage buyers looking to move further North. With a population of close to 10,000, Penetanguishene is a combination of many cultures and historic heritages.

    Connecting to Georgian Bay, the area boasts a $285,000 average when it comes to properties sold and holds a stable average of new listings per month. The town’s real estate market is reasonable and properties are available if one chooses to travel further out to this region.

    Penetanguishene Information

    “One of Canada’s strongest bilingual communities”

    The name Penetanguishene itself was derived from Algonquin decent, loosely translated into “places of white rolling sand”. The Abinkai tribe would travel great distances to hunt for wildlife and garner food supplies. Even though the area was further than they would of liked to travel, they made the trek multiple times a year due to the areas abundance of resources and the ability to hunt with ease.

    In regards to tourism, Penetanguishene hosts a very large historical Naval and military base which houses two replica sailing ships from the year 1812, the “HMS Tecumseth”, and the “HMS Bee”.

    Penetanguishene main economic source of income is the plastic and metal industries, specifically aluminum.

    Although this is the case historically, currently the tourism factor plays a large role in the growth of the area as Penetanguishene has 5 large public marinas, designated ice fishing spots, and the very popular mid-winter carnival.

    The winter carnival, otherwise known as “Winterama” is a great showing of community pride and a homecoming for all cultures and celebrated heritages. The Festival runs for multiple days and brings together all kinds of people looking to celebrate through good food, music and lively entertainment.

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