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Over the years, many Canadian have been turning to Private Mortgage lenders as an alternative to federal laws that make it difficult to obtain and qualify for a Mortgage.

It is commonly said that housing is one of the foundations of the Canadian economy. Unlike in the past, today’s economy may push a homeowner to look for alternative resources.

At Barrie Second Mortgage we can get you the money you need right away, regardless of your checkered financial history or current state of employment! We work with equity and unlike the banks we will work as hard as we can to get the most out of your property.


Private Mortgage Lenders in Ontario

Thinking of a Private mortgage? Are the banks too much of a hassle? Is your credit in the red? Call Barrie Second Mortgage today and find out how simple it is to obtain the financial freedom you need.

Private mortgage lenders are essential in assisting people when the banks wont. Barrie Second Mortgage offers private mortgage rates that are competitive and affordable.

Unlike the traditional TDS/GDS method of approval done by “A” lenders (credit unions and banks), Private Mortgages are given strictly based on the equity you and your property have.

Our Private mortgage lenders in Ontario are happy to assist to get the financing you need when you may not have enough money to close your initial purchase transaction, to consolidate your debts or even renovate your home. When it comes to private mortgages, as long as you have equity in your home, Barrie Second Mortgage will get you approved. With BSM you can ensure a quick and easy process from start to finish.

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