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When it comes to finding the right private mortgage lenders in Toronto, one must ask around, look online and search neighboring areas for the best rates, fees and professional agents equipped to handle your financial situation. Our private lenders in Toronto will often guide you along the process of obtaining a loan and can advise on rates and fees in the event you are looking for information. There are various reasons Canadian citizens choose to obtain a loan, mortgage or line of credit. Some of which include:

  • Paying off debt
  • Taking your dream vacation
  • Adding value to your current property through renovation

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    Be it your own debt, or that of your spouse or children, taking out a second mortgage from BSM Mortgages to pay it off can be a smart idea. Make sure you stay on top of your monthly payments and have a plan for the future.

    Sometimes taking out a mortgage isn’t to pay off debt or repay interest or previous loans. Certain times this money can be used for your own pleasure and benefit, be it a new toy for your lakefront cottage or putting the financial finishing touches on that sabbatical vacation you’ve always wanted to take.

    The last option is a big decision but one of the smartest things you can do with your new-found money. By using your finances to upgrade your home you are adding value to the property and surrounding area. In the future, when you may be interested in a second mortgage in Toronto or any other type of loan, your property will be worth more and that potentially means more money in your hands via the proposed loan.

    The Steps Involved in Qualifying for a Mortgage or Loan

    There are a few differences between a loan obtained from the banks and that from a private lender in Toronto. More importantly, the process of obtaining a loan from a private lender can be quicker and more streamlined to your unique situation because a private lender will properly assess your requests, your property and your area, allowing you to get a larger focus of what it takes to qualify. Moreover, they can potentially also offer you more money based on the value your house has accrued over time. We at BSM Mortgages have a simple and very fast qualification process, allowing you to use your home’s equity to get a second mortgage or qualify for one of our other private mortgage lender services.

    When sitting down with your local bank manager and discussing a mortgage, there will be many steps involved including those that will potentially take a deep dive into your financial history.

    With a private lender the process may be quicker and less stressful, especially in you are a home owner. One of the key steps in the process is home appraisal. Home appraisal is important because it is one of the key factors in deciding how much money you can obtain through your mortgage or loan.

    Always make sure your professional agent knows the area and surrounding neighborhood, thus they are able to process your request with the strongest knowledge of the town or city, getting you the most value for your loan or line of credit.

    Aside from home appraisal, it is important to know although some agents and private lending professionals around the country can assist you, finding the right broker for your specific needs is what matters most, and that may take additional time and effort.

    Private Mortgage Lenders for Bad Credit Mortgages in Toronto

    Toronto private mortgage lenders will often deal with mainstream loans such as first or second mortgages, but when you have bad credit it may be more difficult to obtain a loan, especially if you decide to use one of the major Canadian banking institutions.

    When working with the banks you will run into a few things you would not with a private lender. One of these is the Stress Test. The Stress Test involves putting your entire financial portfolio through a hypothetical negative ‘what if’ scenario where you may lose some of your finances. Passing the dreaded ‘Stress Test’ is difficult, and when being coupled with things such as a necessity for good credit and positive financial history, obtaining a mortgage wit bad credit through the banks is becoming increasingly difficult.

    Things are very different when dealing with a private lender and mortgage broker like BSM. First off, if you own your home or property, you can use that property to obtain your mortgage or line of credit. This is the key benefit to working within the private lending sector.

    Moreover, bad credit is not something that will stop a private lender from qualifying you for a loan, although always make sure you get the lowest fees when it comes to your interest rates. Finding the right mortgage is important, but not as important as matching with the right private lender who understands your needs.

    Financial Assistance from a Private Lender

    Private lenders in Toronto may be useful if you live in the city, but it is always smart to check surrounding towns and cities for private lenders who may offer different rates and fees. BSM Mortgages operates in and from Toronto, allowing our mortgage brokers and private lenders to provide you with the best rates possible for your location and situation, guiding you through it every step of the way.

    There are different types of mortgages and every private lender Toronto has to offer may approach you with different rates and fees, dependant on your current situation and requests.

    Most private lenders offer the majority of loans, which include first and second mortgages, as well as home equity lines of credit and more. If you look carefully you will also find private lenders offering other unique loans such as a third mortgage or home equity loans. The one key difference between a home equity loan and a home equity line of credit, otherwise known as a HELOC is with a HELOC you will be able to receive multiple payments from your sum, as opposed to a home equity loan which is a one-time payment to the borrower.

    It is always useful to do your due diligence before signing on the dotted line. There are many different types of financial assistance a private lender can help you with. Make sure you look across the country, as some private agencies will offer better rates and fees regarding your financial requests, even if the private lender is not directly affiliated with the current area you reside in.