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A home equity line of credit, otherwise known as a 'HELOC' or 'Home equity mortgage' allows you to borrow funds from your loan as set by the lender.

Owning a home can be financially beneficial or very expensive, depending how you handle your assets and equity.

Let us at Barrie Second Mortgage show you how to gain the most you can from your property. You worked hard to buy it, now let us show you how it can work hard for you!


Home Equity Line of Credit Ontario

Home equity loans are loans securitized on the residence you own. Whether it’s a home, condo, semi, triplex, commercial unit or even a trailer on leased land, we can assist you in accessing the equity you have built up over the years!

To properly define Home Equity, one must simply understand the following:

As you start to pay off your mortgage, your property will start to gain substantial value, otherwise known as Home Equity. If you pay off large sums of your mortgage and continue to do so over the time period of your mortgage, your home equity will continue to rise.

Choosing what to do with that equity is a decision unique to every Canadian homeowner. Whether you want to build an extension on your home or pay off your bills, here at Barrie Second Mortgage we can get you going right away.

Here at Barrie Second Mortgage we have a wide range of 2nd Mortgage products, which can help you secure financing without the headaches and questions that come when dealing with the major Canadian banks. Whether you have bad credit, cannot show your income, were previously bankrupt or going through a consumer proposal, don’t worry!

Barrie Second Mortgage has home equity products that can help you right away.

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