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Need financing but have bad credit? Qualify for a bad credit mortgage right away!

It is very important to know and believe that when applying with Barrie Second Mortgage, bad credit will never affect your chances of approval for a bad credit loan!

Do you have debt? Are your credit card bills starting to add up? Well then it is time to call BSM and see what we can do to alleviate the financial stress and get you back to where you belong.


Bad Credit Mortgage in Ontario

It is very difficult to maintain a perfect credit rating. You may have lost your job and have built up credit debt, causing a decrease in your score. You may have applied for financing and have been denied, again causing a hit to your score.

All this and more can cause you to have bad credit.

At Barrie Second Mortgage we take pride in knowing that our clients can feel safe and be at peace knowing they will get approved when applying for one of our products. When people hear about Bad Credit Mortgages they think of extremely high interest rates and tons of hidden fees. Well you can be assured that we will outline all the costs of borrowing and that our interest rates are very competitive.

Our Bad Credit Mortgage can be used for debt consolidation, credit rehabilitation and much, much more!

Our agents are trained in helping their private clients become “A-rated” clients once again.

With our knowledge in rehabilitating bad credit, Barrie Second Mortgage should be your number one choice in taking your life back!

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